Zelium International Ltd.


International Consulting Division International Writing Division

Global marketing
Sales and distribution channels
Joint ventures and contract negotiation
Export management of goods and services
Proposals, bids and Presentations
Award winning books
Poetry and Fiction
Int'l textbooks
Writing assignments

Company and Director's Background:

22 years of export management, sales and marketing experience
Member of University of Chicago Consulting Group (Roundtable)
Member of Court of International Trade Bar, New York City
Published author
10 years with the export of Cray and Silicon Graphics supercomputers and software
Other examples: Agri-business commodities, franchises, medical equipment, educational
courses, manufactured goods, seafood and processed foods and technology transfers.

Zelium is listed in the US Commerce/MyExports U.S. Export Yellow Pages
Export services to small and medium companies

Please contact: Donal Heffernan, Director
Tel: 651.276.4560
Fax: 651.426.9571/Stillwater, MN 55082 USA.